Римський вексиллум

Римський вексиллум

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Цитата з публікації єдиної відомої на сьогодні знахідки вексиллуму з Єгипту:
Here is a description from M. Rostovtzeff, "Vexillum and Victory," The Journal of Roman Studies 32 (1942): 92-106:
This piece of coarse linen cloth is almost square (height, 0.47 m. ;
width, 0.50 m.) and, except for a few holes, is well preserved. On the
left and right it is selvaged, while the lower edge is loose and shows remains
of a fringe. The upper edge is hemmed, and through the hem there
passes a piece of wood (reed) of exactly the same length as the width of the
cloth. It is evident that the piece of cloth hung down from the transverse
bar or reed, which originally was apparently fastened to a vertical pole.
In colour the cloth is scarlet. On the surface is painted in brilliant gold
four angle-fillers, so typical of the so-called Coptic stuffs, known as
gammadia, and in the centre the figure of a Victory, standing on a globe.
The goddess is represented in frontal view, with the head turned slightly
to the left and the eyes looking in the same direction. Her dress consists
of a chiton and a chlamys ; her feet are bare. She is holding in her bare
right arm a large laurel wreath with a medallion containing an inset stone
and long streamers hanging down. In her left hand is a palm branch.
The goddess was represented apparently as if crowning someone standing
on her left. The proportions of the figure are clumsy. It is hazardous
to assign a definite date to such a product of pictorial industry from stylistic
considerations. I would tentatively suggest the early third century A.D.

http://www.romanarmytalk.com/rat/20-rom ... tml#244962

Зображення з колонни Траяна:

Про кольори:
http://www.romanarmytalk.com/rat/17-rom ... tml#326805
The Vexillum was, as we know from Plutarch, of red color. Vegetius called because of their color as the Vexilla flammulae. The discovery of a Vexillums in Egypt confirmed the historical statements. ... And Cassius Dio reported that the Vexillum of Crassus was red. Tacitus, the golden color is mentioned in Vexilla.

Вексиллум був, як ми знаємо від Плутарха, червоного кольору. Вегецій через це називав їх Vexilla flammulae (вогняними знаменами). Знахідка вексиллума з Єгипту підтверджує ці історичні дані. ... А Діон Кассій повідомляє, що вексиллум Красса був червоним. Тацит же згадує золотий колір на вексиллумах.

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