How can 360° diagnostics help your business?

How can 360° diagnostics help your business?

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We know that a company is the sum of several tasks right However when it comes to making strategic decisions, this role is reserved for leadership alone. This hierarchical mode of analysis is very common and is based only on the power structure of the company. However, the 360º diagnosis goes against this outdated way of leading. More modern and safer, this diagnosis can help you make better decisions, avoiding losses and strengthening leadership. Let's understand how? 360º diagnosis: analysis without hierarchy Let's imagine a company with 50 employees .

It is up to the manager of this business to study its results. These results can help you to think about which sector of the company is showing positive indicators and Consumer Email List which sector will be discontinued. However, the numbers can give that manager a misreading of the situation . Yes, because as important as having access to information is knowing how to interpret it correctly. No matter how good the manager, no matter how committed he is to the company, many factors will go unnoticed by him.


Let's take an example A company noticed that there was an increase in the number of complaints regarding the delivery of its products. This is information, and with it the business owner will be able to make several decisions, such as: punishing delivery people who are late, studying the delivery logistics currently adopted, creating a reward program for delivery people who do not delay, etc.
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