Top 7 most popular Google searches on learning English

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Top 7 most popular Google searches on learning English

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Have you ever done a Google search on how to learn English If Google is a very effective tool on many subjects it does not yet know everything! Luckily we're here to answer the most Googled questions about learning English. Let's see what learners like you have asked Google recently. The most popular google searches on learning English Google Search How to learn English on your own? This is a classic that no longer surprises us! More and more people want to self-train so that they no longer have to go and confine themselves to a classroom to learn a language.

Indeed there are many advantages to learning English on your own such as cost and convenience for example. But without a structured class and a teacher to Country Email List you when, what, and how to practice, you'll need to stay motivated and make sure you find the right tools and resources to stay on track. Motivation is a very important aspect in learning a language, so here is our advice: set yourself a big goal (for example, to be able to hold a 15-minute conversation in English) and several easily achievable mini-goals (to learn vocabulary on such a subject, knowing how to introduce yourself, etc.). And don't forget to plan rewards at every stage! To find the right tools and especially the tools that work best for you, do not hesitate to spend time exploring what exists and experimenting.


An effective tool is above all a tool that suits you! Google Search How to learn English with Netflix Netflix and other streaming services are great tools for 21st century language learners. Watching TV and movies is probably something you already do for relaxation or entertainment. So all you have to do is change your habits slightly to watch TV in English, rather than in your native language. Our two main tips for learning English with Netflix are: Watch sitcoms if you're a beginner because they're short episodes that deal with everyday topics.
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